The Order of the Painted Palm

The order of the painted palm is an ancient society that was formally based out of the Human occupied lands of the Artrusian Empire. Originally the order was established by a small offshoot cult of Arila in 1000 B.E. (before empire). This cult was formed when Mother Ashalia, head of the scriptorium at Omathinder the Grand Temple of the Mother, found an ancient elven text written by the high elf, Nuthandelasion Mar’reis. In this text the forgotten high elf details his life among the First Born and marvels at their lifestyle and the incredible powers of nature and creation they wield. He further details some of the specific magics he witnessed the First Born perform. He further offers his speculations on how their powers work but unfortunately most of the arcane proofs he sites in the document are long lost to time.

When Ashalia finished her translation she immediately took her findings to Cephenne, the High Priestess of Arila. Cephenne read the documents and ordered Ashalia to destroy the original document and stated.

‘The light of Lorrican has set on those days daughter. We should allow the memory of the First Born to pass into the arms of the Mother so that they may find the rest they deserve. These powers they wielded did not save them from death, and they will not save us from what is to come.’

Aghast that the High Priestess wanted her to destroy the manuscript she smuggled it back to her private chambers where she hid it and proceeded to make several copies of it. As she made a copy of the manuscript she passed them to her trusted friends in the scriptorium. After many sleepless nights and long debates with her sisters a decision was reached. They would break away from the Order of Arila and set out on their own to discover the truth about the First Born.

In those first few years Ashalia collected documents from all the lands surrounding the Sea of Night that had any mention of the First Born in them. She then settled her sisters on a small island in the Sea of Night to build a monastery where they could study in peace. It was there they earned their name from the ink stains on their hands from their dedication to the preservation of knowledge.

The order’s purpose at the time was research into the First Born and to attempt to learn their form of magic it so that it could be brought back to help humanity. While only marginally successful in recovering the lost magics, the order did stumble upon certain techniques that humans can use to bring forth power from a well hidden deep inside their souls.

After the founding of the Artrusian Empire the order went into hiding, fearing that the power hungry Drakkenborn would try to use the Painted Palm’s knowledge to further the empire. There they remained in obscurity until the Death Plague came and wiped out the empire and the gods condemned Artrusia. After the curse of the gods fell upon them, the Painted Palm then changed its ways to include the preservation of magic and technology from the empire era so that if the curse is ever lifted or the end come for humanity. They can equip someone with all their lost knowledge so that hopefully someone can survive and carry forward with what they started.

The Order of the Painted Palm

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