Gods of Aerith

Aerith Pantheon V.5 Notes

Earned Innate Divinity – All born on Aerith have the spark of divinity in them. They just need to discovery how to bring it forth.

Power – Worshipers provide a boost to divine but more than half of Divine power is innate to the god.

Involvement – almost all the Aerith deities are very involved with the daily affairs on man and beast. Some are benevolent some are outright hostile.

Death – The deities of Aerith can die, just like everything else in this material plane. They have immortal souls just like everything else and go to the Summerlands for a time, and most likely they will be reborn, but some may go to Se’rei’s arms.

Afterlife – When something dies its soul goes to the Summerlands. A paradise that offers everything the souls need to recuperate from the stresses of life. When that soul is fully rested it then can choose how it wants to reenter the world. It can come back in any living form it wishes to experience. When a soul returns it loses all memories of its past life, however some ancient souls have found ways to remember parts or even the entirety of their past lives. Eventually souls will reach a state where rest in the Summerlands is not enough for them anymore. When this happens they leave the Summerland for some unknown place. It is thought to be the final resting place of souls and is often referred to as returning to the arms of the mother or Se’rei’s arms.


Original Deities


Overdeity, Father of Dalan and Se’rei, Embodiment of Chaos, All Father, Rank 21+

Portfolio: Chaos, Change

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Chaos, Creation, and Transformation

Symbol: A silver oval disk with a rune of beginnings on it

Description: Personification of Chaos. Inadvertently created the Great Races of Aerith with Arila. Father of Dalan and Se’rei, co-creator of Aerith’s material plane. No one has heard from him in several millennia, few speak of him anymore; his followers are few and fewer with each year that passes. The only ones who venerate him are a handful of human tribes and the gods themselves. Has no known form that he regularly appears in.


Overdeity, Mother of Dalan and Se’rei, Embodiment of Law, All Mother, Rank 21+

Portfolio: Law, Order

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Law, Creation, and Destiny

Symbol: A black oval disk with the run of endings on it.

Description: Personification of Law, Mother of Se’rei and Dalan. Created the Great Races while fighting Ne’Kosh. Her followers are dwindling like Ne’Kosh’s and no one has seen her in millennia as well. Has no known form that she appears in.


Greater Deity, Scion of Chaos, Lord of Life, Great Father, Rank 20

Portfolio: Life, Fertility, Men, and Rebirth

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Life, Strength, Healing, and Endurance

Symbol: Rising Sun

Weapon: Spear

Description: Dalan is the First Man, The First Father of all humans. He often appears as an incredibly strong man in his thirties with bronze sun beaten skin whose footsteps sprout all manner of flowers and plants. He is the personification of the male psyche; he loves challenges, strong drink and stronger women.


Greater Deity, Scion of Law, Lady of Death, Great Mother, Rank 20

Portfolio: Death, Protection, Children, Women,

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Repose, Protection, Family, Deathless

Symbol: Setting Sun

Weapon: Sickle

Description: Se’rei is the First Woman, The First Mother. Appears as a woman in her fifties with silver hair and black eyes and chalk white skin. Personification of the feminine psyche. Has a strong love for children and often gives them special protections. Children holding an effigy of her are often overlooked in dangerous situations.


Greater Deity, Shaper of Beasts, and Lord/Lady of the Wild Hunt, Rank 20

Portfolio: Animals, Hunters, Wilderness,

Alignment: True Neutral

Domains: Animals, Weather, Plant

Symbol: Gates of Summerland

Weapon: Longbow

Description: One of the last of the Great Races, Mathiel takes on the shape of a half human, half animal form as he see fit for the situation and environment. Mathiel rules over all the beasts of the wilderness. He taught Dalan and Se’rei the ways of the wilds when they were children. Seen as the spirit of the hunt by his worshipers. Guardian of the Gates of Summerland.

Aesna – Lesser Deity, Keeper of Knowledge, Mistress of the Stars, Rank 15

Portfolio: Magic, Knowledge

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Mysticism (good)

Symbol: Blue Mystic on a Book

Weapon: Quarterstaff

Description: First daughter of Dalan and Se’rei. Blessed with all mystic knowledge and keeper of the Book of Hidden Lords. She became the book’s current keeper when she assumed her murdered brother’s portfolio. Bears an eternal grudge with the Lich-God Stephanus and his followers for the murder of her brother. Appears as a young pale haired woman with gray eyes, wrapped loosely in colorful silks, carrying a tome that shifts under a blankets of shadows.

Corrum – Lesser Deity, Lord of Spring, Master of the Earth Rank 15

Portfolio: Agriculture, Plants, Earth, Water

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Plant, Community, Renewal, earth,

Symbol: Sheaf of Grain

Weapon: Flail

Description: First Son of Dalan and Se’rei. Loves to work the earth and bringing together the tribes to form communities. Often appears as a rough looking, weather beaten man with dirt encrusted hands, and a crooked grin.

Nyth’Shy’Luth – Lesser Deity, Queen of the Elements, The Destroyer, Rank 20

Portfolio: The Elements

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Symbol: Dragon with outstretched wings holding an elemental symbol in each claw.

Weapon: Longsword

Description: First Dragon and Mother to all Dragons, First of the Great Races to Awaken. Appears as a dragon made of all the elements combined in a violent fashion. Recently awakened from her slumber and freed from her prison. Does not have many worshipers but since her recent violent appearance, their ranks are starting to swell, especially around Lake Starholm.

Corrupted or Fallen Deities

This section details deities that have been corrupted or killed by the demon lord Valikai.

Lorican – Greater Deity, Lord of Light, Master of Justice, The Shining One, Rank 16

Portfolio: Justice, Light, Honor, Good

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Good, Inquisition, Glory, Sun, Retribution

Symbol: Midday Sun

Weapon: Morningstar

Description: Lorican was the first of the Aerith gods to walk away from neutrality and take on the charge of the mantle of good. Appears as a man in white and gold with a nimbus of light around him and eyes that burn with the light of the sun. Defeated by Valikai and believed to be dead.

Valikai – Greater Deity, Lord of Nightmares, Master of Darkness, The Veiled Doom Rank 20

Portfolio: Evil, Darkness, Vengeance, Suffering, Lies

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Evil, Darkness, Tyrant, Hatred

Description: Valikai is the personification of evil. When Lorican took up the mantle of good, he was called to this plane as the representative of the mantle of evil. He hates all that is good in mortals and seeks to corrupt them to his cause, if he can’t he destroys them. Appears as a gaunt man with coal black skin, eyes that burn like brimstone and continuous tears of pitch flow from his eyes. He also has bat like wings of burnt bone, long fingers that end in claws and yellowed teeth that end in points.

Worshippers: Mortals that call Valikai their god are welcomed with gifts and peril. Any gift given to his people comes with a terrible price later. His followers are extremely self-reliant, and attempt to use all they come in contact with. Followers that fail him are usually found dead soon thereafter by the hand of one of another follower.

Moord – Greater Deity, Keeper of Souls, Rank 16

Portfolio: Death, Spirits, Undead,

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Death, Spirit, Undeath, Suffering

Description: Moord cast out Mathiel from his position as the guardian of the gates of Summerland. He now prevents all from entering the Summerland uses the suffering this causes to expand his power. He appears as an extremely obese naked man with filed teeth and an oily sheen. He is bald, reeks of death and has black eyes that reflect the suffering souls he has consumed.

Stephanus – Greater Deity, Keeper of Lost Secrets Rank 16

Portfolio: Necromancy, Knowledge, Lies, Magic

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Domains: Undead, Necromancy, Mysticism(Evil), Knowledge

Description: Stephanus is a lich who stole his divinity by murdering Aesna’s brother. He has a supernatural hunger for all knowledge and hordes what he knows, but will gives small bits to his followers for extreme prices. Appears as a mostly rotted corpse crawling with maggots and flesh eating beetles. Wears a moth eaten robe and a tarnished bronze crown. Defiles the ground wear he walks and drains the life force of living things near him. Stephanus secretly covets the head position of the pantheon.

Worhippers: Mortals that worship Stephanus take a vow of personal desolation. They seek to rid themselves of life and join the ranks of the undead.

Nevash – Intermediate Deity, Corrupter of Beasts, rank 15

Portfolio: Aberrations, Mad Beasts, Revenge, discord

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Domains: Hatred, Madness, Strength, Evil

Description: Since Mathiel’s fall he has assumed the role of lord of all beasts and has been killing of the few remaining great races and giving their power to his twisted creations and follower. Seeks to destroy all of creation and replace it with his own. Appears in twisted anthropomorphic forms, covered in sores and oozing wounds,

Bogaera – Lesser Deity, Lady of the Frozen Heart, Rank 10

Portfolio: winter, storms, cold, vengeance

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Domains: Cold, Storm, Winter, Hatred

Symbol: bear claw missing 3 claws

Weapon: Great Axe

Description: Envious of the gifts that Ne’kosh and Arila bestowed upon their children, Bogaera has vowed to hunt down and destroy them all. She is an eternal enemy of humanity and will stop at nothing until she has destroyed all of Dalan and Se’rei’s line. Appears as a great white bear covered in hoarfrost, with glowing blue eyes and silver barding. Has three missing claws on her right hand from where brother bear wounded her while protecting brother raven.

Uluu – Lesser Deity, King of Serpents, Rank 10

Portfolio: Serpents, Dragons, Rebirth, Arcane Knowledge

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Domains: Scaleykind, Dragon, Magic, Renewal

Symbol: coiled serpent

Weapon: Obsidian sword

Description: Uluu is one of the few surviving members of the great races. He believes that all mammals are a taint upon creation and seeks to remake them all in his image. His followers seek transform the world to their god’s will. Yaun-ti are the fate of those captured by his followers. Appears as a giant four armed lizard-man wielding obsidian blades.

Qeotl – Lesser Deity, Mistress of Woe, Rank 10

Portfolio: Pestilence, Disease, Blight,

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Domains: Pain, Healing, Suffering, Pestilence, Decay

Symbol: Bleeding hand

Weapon: Scourge

Description: Once known as a benevolent deity of healing, she has become corrupted by Valikai and is known as the mistress of woe. Where once she healed, she now sends pestilence and disease to strike fear and force people to venerate her. She appears as a hag, covered in open sores with locusts tangled in her hair and a white putrid fluid flows from her mouth that blights everything it touches.

Neumik – Lesser Deity, The Ravenous, Rank 8

Portfolio: Gluttony, Greed, Sloth

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Domains: Gluttony, Greed, Hunger, Sloth Symbol: Weapon:

Description: Neumik’s hunger has no bounds. He will consume anything and horde anything that falls into his grasp. He rewards followers who set examples of his portfolio and corrupt those under them. He appears as a slightly overweight balding man with an oversized mouth filled jagged black teeth, long finger ending in blackened talons.

Ygnir – Lesser Deity, Tree of Life, Rank 6

Portfolio: Life, Lost Souls, Magic Knowledge

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Domains: Magic, Decay, Domination

Symbol: Tree with far reaching canopy and roots

Weapon: Club

Description: A false tree of life that was created to corrupt the souls of humans and to draw them away from their old gods. Appears as a giant tree 1000ft tall with fruit that is sickly sweet smelling hanging from it(dominated souls).

Balagnon – Lesser Diety, Lord of Mysteries, Master of the Tome of Hidden Lords, Rank 15

Portfolio: Tavelers, Wisdom, Divine Justice and Humor, Exploers

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Luck, Travel, Trickery

Symbol: A coin with a smiling sun and moon on opposite sides

Weapon: Sling

Description: Balgan was the last son of Dalan and Ser’rei. He was a born trickster and loved to put arrogant people in their place or correct those whose pride had grown to giant proportions. Found the lost Tome of Hidden Lords and hid it from Valikai for several millenia before he was murdered for it by valikai.

Hectarus – Lesser Deity, Master of War, The Red Blade, Rank 15

Portfolio: War, Tyranny, Madness

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Domains: War, Madness, Fire

Symbol: Crossed Khopeshs

Weapon: Khopesh

Description: Driven to madness by Valikai this corrupted god was once a noble defender of Aerith. He was a master of martial talents with no equal among the Gods. Now he is crazed god who spreads his gift of rage among his followers and sets them to destroy all. While not a popular god amongst the civilized empires, more and more of the tribes of the wild lands are succumbing to the lure of his power.

Gods of the Demihumans

Corr – Intermediate Deity, Lord of Stone, Father of Dwarves, Rank 15

Portfolio: Dwarves, Earth, Craftsmen, Honor

Alignment: Lawful Good

Domains: Dwarf, Artifice, Earth, Cavern, Metal

Symbol: Crossed axe and Warhammer

Weapon: battle axe and/or warhammer

Description: Last of the Dwarven gods, the progenitor of dwarvenkind. He views dwarves as he creation and laments their fall and sees their failure and corruption as his own. He has hidden himself away at his forge and is trying to figure out where he went wrong. He is a perfectionist and revered still by those who seek perfection in their crafts. Appears as a giant dwarf made of stone with raw gems for teeth and cut jewels for eyes. One of the great races.

Larica – Intermediate Deity, The Gracious One, Lady Luck, Mother of Half-Men (halflings) Rank 13

Portfolio: Halflings, Homes, Hearth, Family, Feasting

Alignment: Neutral Good

Domains: Halfling, Family, Community, Feast, Luck

Symbol: rolling pin

weapon: Cudgel

Description: A loving god who welcomes all to her table. Loves the company of others and their tales. Last of the halfling gods, no have see her since the disappearance of Dalan and Se’rei. Appears as a well rounded female halfling in a long brown dress and a flower covered apron. Smells of baking bread. One of the great races.

Ghul’Hadad – Intermediate Deity, Maker of Trials, Lord of Kara’fad, Great-father of Orcs, Rank 12

Portfolio: Orcs, Freedom, Battle, War, Truth

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Orc, Passion, War, Liberation, Competition, Truth

Symbol: Broken Chain

Weapon: Great Maul

Description: Last god of the uncorrupted Orcs. Warrior and guardian of the Orc afterlife, Kar’faad. Loves challenges and testing his people. Has a strong bond with Dalan due to their lust for life. Detests all forms of slavery and tyranny, and seeks to free his people from corruption. Appears as a handsome Orc covered in scars denoting his accomplishments and lineage, salt and pepper dreadlocked hair that falls to his waist, olive green complexion, and broken manacles stuck to his wrists. One of the great races.

Ilantera – Intermediate Deity, Mistress of the Moon, Queen of Fae-kind, Rank 15

Portfolio: Fey, Elves, Music, Art, Revelry, Moon

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Domains: Fey, Elf, Herald, Moon, Nobility

Symbol: Elven Lyre

Weapon: Fineblade

Description: Last of the elven gods not killed or corrupted by Valikai. Even though her followers have succumbed to Valikai’s trickery and corruption, she has found a new home among the outcasts. Her passion for the arts has kept her heart pure. Appears as a naked elf with lavender hair that falls past her waist, emerald eyes and milk white skin. She often carries an instrument of some kind but when needed she is seen with an elven fine-blade as her weapon. One of the great races.

Womeggarlandeside – Intermediate Deity, Master of the Deep, The Grand Architect, rank 11

Portfolio: Gnomes, Illusion, Engineering, Architecture, Planning

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Domains: Gnome, Craft, Illusion, Planning

Symbol: compass

Weapon: Gnomish Pick

Description: Last of the Gnomish gods. While the others succumbed to Valikai’s temptations and greed, Womeg had the foresight to see what was happening and found a way to hide himself and his followers where they could not be found. He can be absent minded when it comes to anything outside of his portfolio, but is a savant with anything within it. Appears as a bumbling gnome with a robe that is too big, thick bottle cap glasses and a tool belt that is filled to bursting with devices. One of the great races.

  1. Flesh out personalities of gods and worshippers.
  2. Complete Corrupted elven pantheon
  3. make sure all Elements are represented
  4. Finish deity descriptions/symbols, etc.

Gods of Aerith

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