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Painted Palm, meet the Chosen.
Why am I here again?

So why am I here again? Oh yes, to stop these people from bringing about the end of time…

I find myself in the company of the half-orc Paladin of Ghul’Hadad, a human(?) cleric of Dalan, the half-elf arcane archer, a gnome sorcerer, a eladrin lore master, and myself, a humble monk of the painted palm.

I remember clearly being sent into this place with several others of my order to find and obtain objects of interest. Particularly an artifact that was of considerable interest. I remember not finding any evidence of finding any such object so I went to survey other buildings to see what they might yield, my sisters instead went to investigate another part of the city. In this place of the dead there has been no living creature I have ever seen here, then I see instead a half-elf walking down the street as if it is no big deal at all. Once I followed him for a period of time I left to find my sisters and share with them the revelation of the half-elf so I might not have to face him alone. But there was an explosion and I found my sisters dead and some stripped and dumped into the deep crater near their place of death. So alone I would have to go, I turned approached the half-elf and asked if they knew about the guardians near my sisters. The half-elf, with an elf with him, was playing dumb (or perhaps being dumb, that is yet to be seen) I instead turned and approached to question the remainder of his party that had started a large bonfire in the middle of town. They did not know anything more about the guardians than I did, except that they were the ones that stripped my sisters are were using their robes as material for their clothing.

There was some discussion of where to go next, a few of the group figured out that the tower in the middle of this place was an inescapable prison, and their bardic friend was now stuck inside. There was talk of suicide rescue missions, but ultimately the group decided to move on until such a time that they could save him. The decision was then, where to go. The group was being led by this bard on some great journey to take out a vampire princess as they explained it, and west was the only idea they had to go with. So the decision was made to go west until they found the island of Se’rei. The way they spoke it sounded like they wanted to wake up the gods… which all together doesn’t sound all that awful, except for the fallout it would no doubt cause. This has been something my order has been preparing for, perhaps going with these people I might be able to help them and lessen the damage. Time will tell, patience is going to be the key.

Some time later the group and myself traveled to the coast where there happened to be a small port city where the locals played dumb with us until the Fellen showed them his talents with making lavish living arrangements, even if for only one night. The people seemed open enough after that, the paladin, the arcane archer, and the gnome were able to find out what they needed to know and we left for the north.

Painted Palm saves the slaves
Note to Self: Get fire attacks

What am I doing here? Oh yes, saving the world as I know it.

I find myself still in the company of the half-orc Paladin of Ghul’Hadad, a human cleric of Dalan, the half-elf arcane archer, the gnome sorcerer, the eladrin lore master, and myself, a humble monk of the painted palm.

We agreed to help Gregor (Leader of the Port City) get back his scouts and slaves. We find them in a ravine with some low buildings and a long house. We are told that there are some humans that don’t mean what they do, some zombies that are brainless and docile until controlled, and that the leader of these people is likely to be in one of the four buildings.

Carefully we plot our advance. Archers on the small rise to the east, the magic users approach from the south, Farris and I come from the only real entrance. Talvin, the cleric, and Gregor stay up behind the shrubs back a good three-hundred yards back. We wait for Lyriana to release her fireball before we advance. Quickly the zombies are burnt to a toast, and we get the go ahead. I move forward into the first available building. Thinking I might instead greet the undead leader of the zombies, I spy an undead animated skeleton and a partially dead-looking Troll. Oops. As everyone else enters combat, there were a pair of this combo in each building. Through a matter of seconds we were able to fight the monsters off and find and destroy the leader. At the end of the combat it was brought to our attention that Talvin was not as he appeared, and we slowly advanced to investigate. Talvin and Gregor approach and it seems he is the same as he has always been. Gregor asks us to come with him, and we release the slaves. One of the slaves was especially bossy telling us how things are dangerous, and how he should be the only one to handle them. I was not impressed.

A week later we arrive to the port post alive, much to the surprise of those that didn’t come with us. We were invited to go out to their home island. While we waited for that to happen, as a group got to know “Mouthy McGee”, and I became closer to this Talvin creature. We spend a day on a ship before we make land and camp. I smother the gnome in his sleep. I maintain my meditations, soon I shall travel so quickly I shall move between dimensions as if stepping through a door. In Gregor’s village I get to know Talvin a little, learning of this wilder and where he came from. Soon we are called to sit with his leader Magnus. At his table Farris and Fellen introduce Magnus to butter and honey. The group wants to know where the temple of Se’Rei is, and Magnus wants us to take care of Nanarian for him. Nanarian promises ancient Libraries, phat l00ts and the promise that justice will be served. Our next issue is getting supplies and building our army. The men here are not all together useless, they once belonged in Nanarian military or slaves, if they were to be trained, it would be better than collecting peasants. The paladin would be good to train some, the archer would train his archery, I was considering adding my assistance, but the way of the palm is a long road of patience and training, no good for this situation.


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