Kaelsen Deepshadow

I will kill Maltheas.


Rogue/Sorcerer/Arcane Archer – Focused on Archery with secondary focus on two-weapon fighting. Tends to have his own agenda in most situations, and though chaotic neutral – tries to lean toward good when it makes sense. In the end though, his only real goal is to take down the Baldan empire.


Kaelsen, born the bastard son of a Baldan Noble and a prostitute well known for traveling in the upper circles of the empire, grew up thinking his father had died in one of the many wars during the time. Only when he was thirteen was it revealed who his father was, and at the same time his father found out and had him hunted down. His mother was killed and he was left fleeing for his life in the streets of Tarnis. He learned how to survive quickly, stealing what he had to, and working when he could find a small job someone would pay for.

After a couple years of scrounging about, he met a young elf who introduced him to a group of resistance against the empire. He was still young, and his only real skills seemed to be sneaking around and being one step ahead – but that made him a very good scout for them. He was taken in and shown how to improve his skills and how to fight. Over the next few years he also developed the ability to harness innate magic, though not to a very powerful degree. This ability did help him get out of some bad situations though.

When he was nineteen his group of resistance met with another group and were attempting to gather all of the resistance fighters in the empire to mount an actual revolutionary attack… but spies exist on both sides of the line.

What he didn’t expect was the elven friend of his that brought him into the group was also related to Maltheas, and had been working all along to get multiple groups together so that they could all be destroyed simultaneously – sending a message to all those who would oppose the empire. Again, Kaelsen was able to evade capture, but not before swearing to his betrayer, Caellas, that he would come back someday and kill Maltheas – and then make an example of Caellas to all those who would oppose freedom.

After that, he roamed west, working as a mercenary at times and working on developing all of his skills, knowing that someday they would all be put to the test. Eventually he got word of a town that needed some help, and saw it as a good testing ground for his abilities… so off to Northwatch he went.

Kaelsen Deepshadow

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